A Winter Hike At Holmberg Park, Spokane

If you’re thinking of visiting Holmberg park in Spokane, WA, hiker beware.  Holmberg is a regional park, moderated by Spokane County. It’s close to a school and has great parking. For the most part it’s a fun hike and great for the kids. But if you’re going with ice or snow on the ground, it will be difficult for beginners and ill equipped no ices. If you r decided to reap the rewards of all those hills to check out the great view of Mt. Spokane, I’d advise you not to bring your little ones.

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Mom Diary 1.31.2020

Each night I lay in bed and wonder if I did right for my kids today.  I’d like to say I did the best I could, but the reality is that I spend very little waking hours with my kids. Being a full time worker away from the home leaves them at school and childcare more than they are with me. And in these last couple winter months (January really does feel like it’s four months long) we are all exhausted as soon as the soon goes down around 4:30.  

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A Brief Look At Nature As The Classroom

This post is followed by a couple of reference links, at the bottom, for further reading, if you are interested.

For a couple of years both of my kids went to a public Montessori school in our district, that that they were enrolled in via lottery.  This was their second and third grade years for each of them, but both Monkey and Abalone left Montessori before they could finish their third-grade year.  One reason we left was because they needed more structure due to their ADHD. But the promise of Montessori that lured me to the school was that the kids would have less transitions and could work on something for long periods without being interrupted.  This time period to go deep into a subject, without interruptions, was a huge pull for me to enroll them in Montessori. 

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Five Activities To Increase Self Esteem in Preschoolers

The preschool years (3-5) is such a big developmental period for the brain.  

Kids are learning about self-concept, how they fit in socially, who they are as an individual (that they even are an individual), what roles they play. They’re learning about who they are based on the reactions and feedback from others.  It’s a crucial time period that will help boost (or hinder) their emotional IQ and set them up for a strong foundation before they head off to their first years of elementary school.  

It’s important to nourish this growth period in and to help make them kindergarten ready.  And when I say “kindergarten ready” it’s in no way whatsoever related to academics. I make a face whenever someone mentions anything close to forcing kids to learn to read before kindergarten.  I groan at the Crayola kits aimed at “preschool readiness”. 

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Showers Count As Self Care, Right?

Hello, my Screen Savers, today I’d like to chat about my daily shower ritual. It’s a self care ritual that I love to do but there’s specifics about my water temperature preferences.

Each evening, after the kids go to bed (and sometimes twice on the weekends) I like to take my shower.  I do admit that sometimes at 5:00 a.m. when everyone is still asleep, it’s nice to be able to shower in peace.

I like my showers hot so I typically put it on a nice average temperature, known as “Satan’s tongue”, before I’ll even dare to step foot in the tub.

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Basement

You’re not going to find photos of a beautiful home on my IG feed.  My home is a disaster in one room or another at any given moment. As it was when I ask the kids to go clean up their room.  But sometimes “cleaning up” isn’t the solution when there’s too much shit to KEEP organized. Sometimes the solution is to get rid of crap.  

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Declutter to Stop the Emotional Speedball

Speedballing:  mixing heroin and cocaine together and shooting up.  

The effect is “supposed” to give the feeling of a euphoric high without the “negative” side effects like anxiety and heart palpitations.  But the danger in the combination is that the user may believe they have a higher tolerance than they actually do and take more drugs and lethally risk an overdose.

Organizing clutter is like taking an emotional speedball.

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How I Got My Kids to Happily Eat Their Vegetables Without the Drama

If you can’t get your kids to eat their vegetables, there’s hope.  

**I once had a teenager vomit into their hand at a restaurant because they had gotten themselves so worked up about having to eat some broccoli.***

 So, yeah, you’re not alone.

Today, both of my kids are adventurous eaters at 7 and 9 years old.  My son will eat onions (but only sautéed). My daughter, Abalone, loves Brussels sprouts.  We called them “fairy leaf balls” when she was young. Because toddlers can be assholes with anything that might be good for them and if I called the Brussels sprouts she would surely know we were trying to kill her. When they were very young, Abalone refused to eat her vegetables without My Mechanic first taking a bite.  And I couldn’t understand why one kid was fine with trying new things and the other wasn’t.

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Why Your Dirty Kids Are Just Fine

Your dirty kids (and my dirty kids) are just fine.

I mean, how many times have I said, “Wash your face. Wait, WTF is that on your face?  You know!?  I don’t even want to know.”

How many times have you asked your kid what on earth is smeared from the corner of their mouth up towards their ear?

How many times have you licked your fingers and reached out to clean off whatever dirty spot they’ve got on their face? 

If your kids are like my kids then you know the feeling of wondering what’s on the floor, what’s on their face, and what’s on the couch?  I’ve seen mine plod through the kitchen and leave globs of goose poop along the way. Thank goodness for laminate floors.

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