About me

I’m Vicki and this is my blog.  You might know me as Tori, Victoria, Mac or Babe; depending on when and where you met me.

Hitch, Pitch, & Flip started as my intention to write about the things I love to do like house tours in old homes, estate sales, yard sales, rummage sales, tearing apart my house , decluttering, upcycling, and being a mom.  But then as I tried to figure out what I really wanted to write about, and to narrow my focus, my passion is making sure my kids get fresh air, Vitamin N, and the fundamental skills they’ll need in adulthood.

I’m a mini farmer, a bee chaser, a duck mom, a human mom, a lover of hair metal, and a wife.  Oh, and I might have a slight penchant for all the bad words.

I’m raising two hilarious and smart-ass ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) kids who are the chaos in my life. I’m also a friend of Lois W.

This blog is a way to record my journey in the dirt and to live a sustainable life for when the zombies come (I might have to throw the kids at them, first).  It’s how, through gardening, hiking, and raising mini livestock,  I’ve learned to re-center myself and gain control over my own chaos.  And to prove that we can all get nutritious foods in our body without paying the non-sustainable price for “certified organic”.

I live with My Mechanic husband, two kids (Monkey and Abalone), dogs, cats, and rabbits and water fowl in the Inland Northwest of Washington state.

I also have a creepy love for bugs and other things that crawl, slither, and swim.

I love spiders
She lived right over our door for a couple weeks.

Thank you for joining us!