A Winter Hike At Holmberg Park, Spokane

If you’re thinking of visiting Holmberg park in Spokane, WA, hiker beware.  Holmberg is a regional park, moderated by Spokane County. It’s close to a school and has great parking. For the most part it’s a fun hike and great for the kids. But if you’re going with ice or snow on the ground, itContinue reading “A Winter Hike At Holmberg Park, Spokane”

A Brief Look At Nature As The Classroom

This post is followed by a couple of reference links, at the bottom, for further reading, if you are interested. For a couple of years both of my kids went to a public Montessori school in our district, that that they were enrolled in via lottery.  This was their second and third grade years forContinue reading “A Brief Look At Nature As The Classroom”

Five Activities To Increase Self Esteem in Preschoolers

The preschool years (3-5) is such a big developmental period for the brain.   Kids are learning about self-concept, how they fit in socially, who they are as an individual (that they even are an individual), what roles they play. They’re learning about who they are based on the reactions and feedback from others.  It’s aContinue reading “Five Activities To Increase Self Esteem in Preschoolers”

Showers Count As Self Care, Right?

Hello, my Screen Savers, today I’d like to chat about my daily shower ritual. It’s a self care ritual that I love to do but there’s specifics about my water temperature preferences. Each evening, after the kids go to bed (and sometimes twice on the weekends) I like to take my shower.  I do admitContinue reading “Showers Count As Self Care, Right?”

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Basement

You’re not going to find photos of a beautiful home on my IG feed.  My home is a disaster in one room or another at any given moment. As it was when I ask the kids to go clean up their room.  But sometimes “cleaning up” isn’t the solution when there’s too much shit toContinue reading “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Basement”

Declutter to Stop the Emotional Speedball

Speedballing:  mixing heroin and cocaine together and shooting up.   The effect is “supposed” to give the feeling of a euphoric high without the “negative” side effects like anxiety and heart palpitations.  But the danger in the combination is that the user may believe they have a higher tolerance than they actually do and takeContinue reading “Declutter to Stop the Emotional Speedball”