A Winter Hike At Holmberg Park, Spokane

If you’re thinking of visiting Holmberg park in Spokane, WA, hiker beware.  Holmberg is a regional park, moderated by Spokane County. It’s close to a school and has great parking. For the most part it’s a fun hike and great for the kids. But if you’re going with ice or snow on the ground, itContinue reading “A Winter Hike At Holmberg Park, Spokane”

Huntington Park Gives An Up Close View Of Spokane Falls

Huntington park has a history that goes back as far as the World’s Fair, Expo ‘74.  But up until 2014, when the park was revitalized, many felt that access to the park was off limits.  However, today you can visit the park for an up close view of the Spokane falls, check out the MonroeContinue reading “Huntington Park Gives An Up Close View Of Spokane Falls”

Day Trip Guide to Gardner Cave, Washington

We might call Spokane our home town these days but for decades before now we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  We moved in December, 2014 and one of the reasons we moved to Spokane was that we could drive a half-hour in any direction and wind up in the forest.  That’sContinue reading “Day Trip Guide to Gardner Cave, Washington”

HPF Is Going Local – To Spokane

Hello HPF Readers!   I’ll be honest with you.   I’m not consistent with this blog at all. And I should be.     You’re surprised by this revelation, right?  Probably not.   And I’ve  thought long and hard about why it is that I’m not consistent and realized that the current posts here onContinue reading “HPF Is Going Local – To Spokane”