Estate Sale Saturday 

It’s a rainy day today, here in Spokane, and we’re going up to Draco’s Ridge to close up the cabin for winter.  So there will be no estate sale visits today.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have pictures of goodies!

Today’s post is a quick recap of my visit to Pickin’ On The Prairie, back in August.

Last year I missed POTP.  So when the ads for it this year popped up I was so excited that I looked for the event on Facebook and immediately clicked “going”.  

When we arrived there were a lot of cars lined up on the street.  Luckily they had a nice big lot for parking (but directions for the lot were missing and would have been very helpful) further up the road.  Our entrance fee was good for both days and reasonably priced.  But we didn’t get a chance to return the next day because a huge wildfire erupted nearby and covered the area in smoke.

POTP is an event put on by Past Blessings Farm.  Past Blessings has barn sales each season.  This event is their largest.

Honestly, I expected it to be different.  It felt crowded and cramped , It was hard to move within each booth, and it was not as big as I had hoped. They advertised 75 booths but it just didn’t feel that big because it was cramped.  Thankfully, it was MUCH better than the Mad Hatter’s Sale experience of 2015 (that was a wretched experience).   And I bought a few things at POTP and saw some great inspiration pieces.  (I bought nothing at the Mad Hatter’s Faire)

Some cute word plates.

This magnetic board will go in my future command center.

Those flower magnets are probably so easy to make.  Just some twirled paper glued to disc magnets. They came with the board.

I can’t wait to incorporate this tray into the remodeled kitchen. It’s so tiny and I’ll probably put my vintage salt and pepper shakers on it or incorporate it into the coffee bar somehow.

This pitcher will hold spatulas. I’ve already removed the ribbons.

That’s my haul.

Will we go next year?   Definitely.  It was fun.  I’ll just have to lower my expectations.  I blame TV for my assumption that I’d have nice, wide aisles to maneuver with a cart and not have people crowding my space.  All those flea market shows appear to have lots of empty space between the people in the crowd.

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