Estate Sale Saturday

Today we visited an estate sale organized by Absolute Estate Solutions.  Absolute is our favorite local company for weekend fun.  I’m not sure if that makes us really boring or totally awesome.

Most Saturdays are filled with field trips to estate sales or yard sales and leave me with random bags left about the house until I get done with renovations and the items can find a forever home.

This sale consisted of a basement, a garage, a barn, a shop, and a variety of garden items nicely set in the yard.  

This week I was looking for milk glass, cool wood or metal pieces, and a slide lock.

This sale had a lot of big old things.

An old crib that I would love to have in my garden:

Some sort of phone box that I’ll need to research later:

This box of metal pulleys:

And some other neat stuff:

I could see this turning into a puppet theater, cat house, or mini-bar

I didn’t get any of the things pictured above.  I’m not sure I’d have a place to put them and I couldn’t see myself spending $165 on the crib.  It was probably a deal, though.

Here are the things I got at the estate sale.

Small hanging planters
Received stamp with dates from 1959 and 1961. From “J. A. Jones Const. Co.”
Doorknob back plate
Crystal doorknob. .25 cents

And I picked these up at a local church vendor fair.

These embossed tiles are from SavvyUnlimited on Etsy.

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