HPF Is Going Local – To Spokane

Hello HPF Readers!


I’ll be honest with you.


I’m not consistent with this blog at all. And I should be.  


You’re surprised by this revelation, right?  Probably not.


And I’ve  thought long and hard about why it is that I’m not consistent and realized that the current posts here on HPF and the topics I’ve been writing about have gotten away from me.  

What I really wanted this blog to be was a local family adventure blog about the things we were doing and places we were going in the Inland Northwest when we moved here from California, and the things we’ve done to get our iGeneration kids outside.  That’s not quite where I’ve taken it.


So starting today, HPF will be switching directions to get back to where I originally wanted it to be.  


And if you feel like you need to unsubscribe then I’d totally understand.  Because the new topic might not be what you signed up for and you’d probably not want daily emails for that.  Of course, if you stick around, I promise you’ll still get some things about raising kids with a vintage toolkit, mainly teaching kids life skills, but also I’ll be talking a lot about local outdoor venues in Spokane like hiking, camping and road trips (throughout the Inland Northwest).


I bet you’re wondering why the change?  Why now?


Well, we moved to Spokane from California in 2014 and have found it difficult getting detailed information of what we should know about the potential things to do as a family in the local area.  Sure, we can find the names of things but what about the other stuff we want to know?  Or, is it age appropriate? What should we bring? What’s parking like?  What tips would the locals share, where’s the secret cool spots? Will my ADHD kids have a miserable time? Are there hazards i need to worry about with kids that don’t always “hear” me?


I had questions, many questions, and the answers weren’t, and aren’t very easy to find.


And so I originally wanted the blog to be about our adventures, road trips, and journeys out and about after we’d settled in Spokane.  I wanted it to show how we’re updating the house and what mini farming we’ve done. I wanted it to be a diary of what we’re up to for the friends back home.  And that’s not where it has gone.


But ALL of that isn’t where I want to it to go today.  


Starting today I’ll be posting on local things families can do in and near Spokane and sometimes I’ll also post about things further away but still in the Inland Northwest.  And sometimes I’ll post about what’s going on in the mini farm and parenting ADHD.


Even if you don’t live here, maybe someday you’ll want to come visit.  But if you’d like to unsubscribe from our emails, the link is at the bottom of each email that is sent.  


In the meantime, I hope you have a fabulous day and get a chance to spend time with some of your favorite people.

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