Huntington Park Gives An Up Close View Of Spokane Falls

Huntington park has a history that goes back as far as the World’s Fair, Expo ‘74.  But up until 2014, when the park was revitalized, many felt that access to the park was off limits.  However, today you can visit the park for an up close view of the Spokane falls, check out the Monroe and Post Street bridges from a different angle, get in a nice workout,  or enjoy a picnic with the family.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, Huntington Park is not ADA accessible so those who have a mobility challenge will not be able to get up close to the lower  falls. However, there is a wheelchair accessible overlook from above Huntington Park at the Tribal Gathering Place, next to City Hall. Also, the Sky Ride allows for wheelchairs, is ADA compliant, and has amazing views of the lower falls and the Monroe Street Bridge.  Tickets for the Sky Ride can be purchased at the Sky Ribbon Cafe in Riverfront Park.



I spend many of my breaks at work either walking down to the overlook at Huntington Park or enjoying the waterfalls and terraced fountain at the Tribal Gathering Place.  Both are enjoyable places to hang out so I wanted my family to experience the fun, too. Our first trip was in June when the spring run off was still pretty high and the Falls were raging.  (There have been years when parts of the Centennial Trail are flooded because of the massive spring snow melt.) This visit also involved a walk across the foot bridges at Snxw Mene (sin-HOO-men-huh) Island (fka Canada Island; fka Cannon Island; fka Crystal Island) where we enjoyed the mist as the water splashed on the rocks and the breeze carried the droplets up to us.



There are two entrances to Huntington Park. One is at the Tribal Gathering Place just north of City Hall.  The second entrance is a metal staircase just south of the Post Street bridge, with a gate that locks when the park is closed.  The kids and I arrived before My Mechanic did because he was finishing up a weekend car job. We parked in one of the lots north of the Post Street bridge and walked across it  to the staircase. The stairs lead to a shaded grove with plants and grass. A great view of the surrounding area and a great little spot for a snack or photos.


This is where we hung out while we waited for My Mechanic.


Grove at Post Street Bridge Entrance



The kids loved this spot.  They walked through the old arch and played hide and seek while we waited. for My  Mechanic to arrive but and the kids were very happy to keep exploring once he did join us.


Through the arch we just had to follow the path.   We descended another flight of stairs to look around, at the first observation deck/overlook. .



If you’ve got a camera with a better zoom than my iPhone you can get some better shots of this waterfall.


Then we left the overlook and  followed the steps to the nearest spot  a person can get to the lower falls.



We finished our downward journey many steps to make our way to the very bottom of Huntington Park where the kids stepped down into another observation area to get sprayed by the mists of the Falls again.  


I’m not a fan of hills, I’ve said many times.  But still, I find myself hiking up them all the time.  For the trip back up we decided to stop about half way and have a snack on the shaded grass and let the kids roll and wrestle.  There are great photo opportunities here of the Monroe Street Bridge.



We climbed to the top and decided to exit at the Tribal Gathering Place where the kids briefly climbed around the fountain.  



If you visit Huntington Park be sure to drop me a comment and tell me how you liked it.  





Comfortable shoes

Snacks (stop at My Fresh Basket <link>  on the corner of Summit and Monroe for some tasty prepared items or sweet lemon cake pops)


Don’t bring:


Heavy jacket


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