One of my favorite activities is to go to an open house.  I especially love to hit a craftsman bungalow that’s similar in size to my own house and see how they laid it out.  The first house I have to show you was almost like mine except the stairs to the basement weee at the Bach of the house (my stairs are in the center). And the bathroom in this toured old house was a jack and jill between the master bedroom and the dining room.

My own bathroom is at the back of the house.

And for some reason I could not shut up about how cool that jack and jill was, especially since this house’s main floor was almost exactly the same layout of my own.

And, what is a 4th guest bedroom in my home, this toured house has a dining room.  Essentially the bathroom in the toured house is where two closets sit back-to-back between my master bedroom and guest room.  And this left me so excited because it’s the closest I’ve come to finding my same floor plan.

Have you noticed the details on the floor of the bathroom?These hexagon tiny tiles make a simple pattern with a big impact.

The medicine cabinet was all wood.And the this huge frosted window in the shower, surrounded by tile, that makes me wonder how much can the neighbors see at night?The kitchen was small but what I noticed was their use of space for this small breakfast area. Just a simple table with some no-back stools to tuck out of the way when not it in use.Can you imagine yourself chilling here with a morning coffee, looking out into the garden?

In the basement, they finished the floors with a rubber-like material.And they cut in some recessed, framed shelves, built right into the studs.What I don’t have a photo of is the bathroom with the end of the laundry shoot, for the washer and dryer that was also downstairs. It was pretty neat how they framed it out.

Thats all for this vintage house tour. Next week I’ll show you two more craftsman homes with some interesting interior features.

What was your favorite element in this  old house?

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  1. The house in New Jersey had the same type of flooring. I loved that floor.