So You Want to Eat Organic, But It’s Too Expensive?

Maybe you’ve recently had kids and realize you want some better quality edibles for them.  You’ve decided to make your own baby food and organic sounds like something you’d want to try.  Or, you’re interested in changing your diet, maybe lose some weight, but definitely get healthier.  You’ve decided to eat real, whole, foods.

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Renovation Diaries: Kitchen Part 2 | Motivation and Clarity

At my weekly Al-Anon rallies we recite the Serenity Prayer at the beginning and end of each hour. The prayer reminds me that I must not waste energy on things I cannot control; and that I can direct my energy towards something more positive. Something that I can create, and grow, and nurture

I call it a rally because we support each other in a purpose. Rally, defined, means a group of people gathered together for a common cause or a target issue. In this case, our target is alcohol and how it’s made our lives unmanageable.Continue reading “Renovation Diaries: Kitchen Part 2 | Motivation and Clarity”

The Mini Farm Update

Note:  This post is image heavy.


Growing food, in a sense, is supposed to be simple and easy.  For me, it’s my chance to be in the dirt and to get centered.  It’s my escape from the chaos of parenting two high needs kids (even if they’re in the garden helping me) and working in the public sector.  And, for the most part, gardening IS simple and easy, but it can take a while to see results.  One change from year-to-year will take, well, a whole year, to know if the change I made was effective or not.

And so I started 2017 with a goal to feed our family of four 25%, from our own minifarm, of the produce we eat by the end of 2018.  We turned half of the backyard into a space for food production with about 580 square feet.

I dug paths and flipped sod over to create frameless raised beds.  I sowed seeds and transplanted seedlings.  I watched my young peach and cherry trees blossom and hoped that the tomatoes would grow tall enough before the walnut tree that hovered over the garden fully leafed out and shaded out the midday sun.

Here’s a detailed account of the HPF minifarm so far, for 2017:

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Urban Farm Tour 2016 | Watch As We Visit Four Urban Farms in Spokane

Summer 2016: we took an urban farm tour organized by the Master Gardener’s Extension of WSU in Spokane, WA, and learned about urban goats, chickens, market gardens, stacking income funnels, and that even in the summer, under greenhouse plastic, tomatoes love it when it’s hot.Continue reading “Urban Farm Tour 2016 | Watch As We Visit Four Urban Farms in Spokane”

Renovation Diaries: Kitchen 

We moved into our home in December 2014.  The neighbors thought we were some pretty nutty Californians moving in during winter.  Turns out it was a very mild winter and the governor of Washington declared a drought for 2015.

We bought our house sight unseen, except through photographs and a floor plan diagram my mother drew.  We left it to my parents to evaluate the state of the house and neighborhood.  Unfortunately even the home inspector couldn’t tell this place was lipstick on a pig.  My Mechanic jokes that we bought our own Money Pit.  Thankfully the stairs haven’t crashed down…yet.  Continue reading “Renovation Diaries: Kitchen “