Renovation Diaries: Kitchen 

We moved into our home in December 2014.  The neighbors thought we were some pretty nutty Californians moving in during winter.  Turns out it was a very mild winter and the governor of Washington declared a drought for 2015.

We bought our house sight unseen, except through photographs and a floor plan diagram my mother drew.  We left it to my parents to evaluate the state of the house and neighborhood.  Unfortunately even the home inspector couldn’t tell this place was lipstick on a pig.  My Mechanic jokes that we bought our own Money Pit.  Thankfully the stairs haven’t crashed down…yet.  

The kitchen isn’t horrible. But it’s dated (and not in the cool 1927 way) and it needs to be updated.


  • Wide enough for an island and people to move around in
  • Lots of natural light
  • Cute bones
  • Lots of counter space


  • Lots of doors an entry points so that maneuvering is frustrating
  • No prep space next to the stove
  • Ugly, dirty floors, counter, and sink
  • The fluorescent lighting is harsh

At first we couldn’t tell what pattern the floor had because it only repeats twice and part of it is under cabinets or appliances.  The floor reminds me of my sixth grade classroom tiles.  They were green and black, but speckled like the kitchen.

The fridge was originally where the pantry is now.  But it stuck out too far that moving from the bathroom to the kitchen was difficult.  So we moved it next to the oven. It solved the walking space problem but didn’t solve the matter of having nowhere to prep food close to the stove.  So then we  found a trestle table at a yard sale and converted it to an island.  But it’s really not big enough to serve its purpose.

So we decided to move stuff and do a little demolition.

In part two I’ll share inspiration for what we’re going to do and the demolition process.

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