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Why Your Dirty Kids Are Just Fine

How many times have you asked your kid what on earth is smeared from the corner of their mouth up towards their ear? Or wondered if that’s a wound on their knee or a perma-stain of dirt and grime?

How Our Kids Get Better Sleep

Last month Abalone had her annual well-check visit with her pediatrician.  We see the Doc every 3-6 months for a variety of reasons but mostly to reevaluate our tactics with dealing with both kids’ ADHD. Abalone getting better sleep turned Read more…

The Benefits Of Nature Therapy for ADHD Kids

You know that sunshine, fresh air, and exercise may make you healthier.  At least, I hope you do.  Well, there’s been studies done to show a link that exposure to nature can reduce the symptoms of ADHD, at least, temporarily. Read more…

An Old, New School

It’s a sad and devastating day when a parent learns that a dream they had for their child won’t be coming to fruition. In January of 2017 I signed both of my children up for the lottery for our local Read more…