Why Garden With Kids, Part 2

We’re on to Part 2 of Why Garden With Your Kids? If you missed it, you can find part 1, Why Garden With Kids? Part 1.   Let’s just cut to the chase, gardening teaches kids important life skills, like: Fending for themselves Try and fail cycle Perseverance Biology Caring for the environment That foodContinue reading “Why Garden With Kids, Part 2”

Why Garden With Kids? Part 1

In 1943 there was a nationwide coordinated system to grow food at homes and schools;  community gardens were created and three-fifths of the US was growing food to help ease the burden on the war.  Victory Gardens, as they were called, were encouraged by the government for the people of the nation to do theirContinue reading “Why Garden With Kids? Part 1”

The Benefits Of Nature Therapy for ADHD Kids

You know that sunshine, fresh air, and exercise may make you healthier.  At least, I hope you do.  Well, there’s been studies done to show a link that exposure to nature can reduce the symptoms of ADHD, at least, temporarily.  But the study found that even just 20 minutes a day in an open fieldContinue reading “The Benefits Of Nature Therapy for ADHD Kids”