Huntington Park Gives An Up Close View Of Spokane Falls

Huntington park has a history that goes back as far as the World’s Fair, Expo ‘74.  But up until 2014, when the park was revitalized, many felt that access to the park was off limits.  However, today you can visit the park for an up close view of the Spokane falls, check out the MonroeContinue reading “Huntington Park Gives An Up Close View Of Spokane Falls”

HPF Is Going Local – To Spokane

Hello HPF Readers!   I’ll be honest with you.   I’m not consistent with this blog at all. And I should be.     You’re surprised by this revelation, right?  Probably not.   And I’ve  thought long and hard about why it is that I’m not consistent and realized that the current posts here onContinue reading “HPF Is Going Local – To Spokane”